Figuring out the Work/Love Balance

No, not THAT kind of love

Hey everyone! Back from a trip to Portugal - man, that was fun. A friend of mine was getting married in Sintra, so I decided to make a proper holiday of it and stay in Lisbon for 11 nights. It felt really good to get out there again after the lockdowns, health issues, psychological deep dives, all the general mischief and mayhem of the last year and a half. I was also delighted to see how much my body was able for. Sure, I wasn’t my usual hard-charging see-everything-in-the-city self, but I took in everything I really wanted to, partied with everyone I wanted to and ate a surprising amount of most of the things I wanted to (thanks, gut). I even drank some beer. And some wine. Red wine. Thanks again, gut.

Since I got back I’ve been throwing myself into jobhunting with a renewed energy, the short version of a long story being that I’d been getting a welfare payment up until just before my holiday, then suddenly I wasn’t (gotta love that timing). More importantly, I managed to get some material in to the Medium Writers Challenge just before the deadline. The competition involved four prompt words: Reentry, Death, Work and Space. You could choose any of the four to build an essay around.

I submitted a piece on Work talking about my various attempts to monetise my passions, and my recent decision to not do what I love for a living. Anyone who’s struggled with the same fulfilment vs. income question may find it interesting. The competition rules don’t allow me to reproduce the story here, so I’ll just link to it:

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Have a great weekend all. Over and out.